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"Jump and build your wings as you fall. You'll be surprised at how quickly you'll learn to fly"

- ME

Yes, I quoted myself. I love it, I believe it, let's move on. Behind this text is just a few of my favorite clips I've captured or have had captured throughout my career. As you can see, I have been around. Whether it's leading a full production team in a studio or solo shooting off a cliff in Scotland, I have always gotten it done.


I would argue that my personality is the best trait I have in this line of work. My personality has allowed me to work with some of the best in the business as well as develop and maintain relationships with my clients. 

I hope you get a better sense of who I am as a personal by following my journey below.   

Like A Swiss Army Knife,

I am what you need me to be.


Due to my personality, I quickly found myself in leadership positions where I've been fortunate enough to direct all types of projects. I encourage collaboration with the teams I lead and do a great job at managing talent.


I've always enjoyed puzzles and there is no bigger puzzle than producing as a freelancer. I have produced for Franks Red Hots, Frenchs Food Company and many other brands through my relationships with advertising agencies. 


I've always had a great eye. However, a great eye is just the tip of the iceberg in the ocean of production. It wasn't until I taught myself how to work a camera and implement those hard skills into my creative vision where I started to make strides.


This is my favorite project I have ever done for so many reasons. If I were to choose one reason, it would be because it was the first time people outside my circle watched a thirty minute film from start to finish and were actually moved by it. Aside from capturing my brother's proposal to his girlfriend in Scotland, which was special in its own right, I am shocked at how hard I pushed myself to make this.

I look at this project as the proof of concept for me to move forward in the content creation industry. Armed with my limited camera knowledge, the first DJI drone, and zero sense of direction, I was able to travel to the ends of the world to capture something so special. The end result set the foundation of my career. 


The IONA engagement video really started to shape me as a shooter and storyteller. Because of this, I began to focus on the wedding industry where I was able to really find my stride. I started ojo in 2012 and my experiences filming weddings really allowed me to develop my style of emotionally focused production. ojo Creative allowed me to grow in so many ways. From strengthening my skills as a shooter, to directing a wedding day, ojo pushed me more than I can imagine.


My favorite part of the ojo chapter was being able to work with and coach the many young team members who all have helped me capture over 200 weddings. 

ojo LOGO Letter Head_edited.png



Because of my work at ojo Creative, I was honored as a Creative Pro for LaCie Technologies in 2017. I earned a sponsorship and was given the opportunity to speak at NAB (National Association of Broadcasting) about my story.


Below is the feature piece they created of me and my team. 


Once I got ojo Creative in a consistent place with weddings, I started to earn some Directing and Producing opportunities which ultimately landed me working with Freedom House, a domestic abuse center, in Princeton, Illinois. 

This was my first time having near total creative freedom in producing and directing something from start to finish. From writing the script, casting, location scouting, booking airbnb's etc., I was in charge of it all. However, the one thing that made this shoot the success that it was, were the crew I booked to help achieve my vision.


From a mentor of mine, Rob Stern (DP) to his wife Sarah Sharp (Prod.) and everyone in between, they all made a miracle happen with the time and resources we had. Thankfully, I had a friend there to capture the behind the scenes of creating this.  



Due to my relationship with LaCie Technologies and after I began to push myself to create stronger content, Seagate Technologies gave me the opportunity to direct and produce for their product videos. 

I utilized the same crew who have helped me in the past to fly down to Atlanta and create a piece for Seagate featuring HipHopGamer. 


I quickly found myself filming all sorts of projects for different companies and brands like Rustoleum, ACE Hardware, Frenchs Food Company, etc. Although I'm always thankful to be hired out, I did find myself falling away from filming for me. 


I noticed a Robin building a nest in my yard in July of 2021, so I decided to challenge myself in creating something beautiful and fun, but mainly creating something for me. 


Over the course of about 18 days, I went all National Geographic and made something I love. Much like my original IONA video, this little bird video brought so much joy to my friends and family. This small project I made FOR ME, helped reset myself and ultimately was the driving factor in creating this new site.  


My name is Joe Mastrino

I am so thankful for you to read and watch some key moments in my journey. Creating this site was meant to make the process of researching me and my abilities easier for you, but I have to say, it became more of a work of love for myself. I have truly been blessed with the people I have worked with and who have hired me. I look forward to working with amazing people and creating content we all can be proud of. 

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